Let Motives pamper your BRIDE to be!

How does the whole thing work?

The Bride receives a FREE Custom Blend Liquid foundation created just for HER! (value $45) Perfectly matched to her skin tone, condition and special nutrients added in for beautiful Mineral Makeup with coverage to her liking, light, medium or full coverage!

The Motives Advisor will provide free application and tutorials for the Bride and her guests! Any guests who would like their own Custom Blend Foundation may pay for theirs that night, too! That way when wedding day comes everyone has the perfect foundation for THEIR personal needs.

The Bride chooses with the Motives advisor’s help the makeup or skincare products she would like, that way the guests can see the gift they would like to give the Bride.

Any additional products ordered by the guests 10% will count towards the Bride’s gifts, too!

A fun way for everyone to enjoy learning application tips and tricks and use professional cosmeceutical grade products used by MUA (MakeUp Artists) and Salons, Estheticians and Dermatologists!

For additional Motives Event special pricing see Motives Custom Blend Thank YOU event from Home page, click here!